Book's you'll love: My Garden

We started our garden this week. Our yard is going to need quite the make over (it hasn't been tended in over 10 years!) But that is the charm of it really. It's like having  a secret garden....we're uncovering all sorts of wonderful things. We've had the kids out digging and planting and watering. A garden is magic to a child, and magic to me really. My Garden is a new book by Kevin Henkes (one of my children's illustrator hero's) and this couldn't be any more perfect for this time of year! So charming and sweet and simple. I absolutely love his I said...he's my favorite to admire. And the story is just as charming: this little girl imagines what her garden would be like if she could have it any way she wanted: and there are endless possibilities. I have this book standing upright on my desk and it's like having a bouquet of flowers right next to me. Happy reading and happy gardening!