ian reflection
ian reflection

This weekend is the big move!

As humbled and thrilled and excited I am to finally own our own piece of this Earth, I can't help but look back at where we have been this past year and reflect on the beautiful times we've had. We are very ready to move on, but looking back, I see where my baby was born, the trees my children called home and the spot of lawn where we could spot deer in the wee hours of the morning. It is rather like the change of the season: the blooming of a new spring as we tuck winter away for storage.

Here is a thought found on Julia Deno's blog this morning. "A little bit sad about the place you are leaving,a little bit gladabout the place you are going.It is a time of quiet wonder–"

Robert McCloskey

We are so lucky and blessed to be moving into a much better situation than we have been in. Our first house. But there is always room for nostalgia isn't there? Life is beautiful no matter which lens you choose to look at it with: past, present or future.

Moving onward and upward!


sarah jane