He's got it all figured out.

balance chair
balance chair

Conversations with a just turned 4 year old.

Ian: Mom, close your eyes and come here.

Me: I cover my eyes, hold his hand and walk across the room. I love these games.

Ian: Open!

Me: I open my eyes.

Ian: See, this is my art!

Me: ART. Junk as art. I love this. Cool Ian, tell me about it.

Ian: See, everything is balancing and it won't fall down!

Me: Ok. That is art.

Balance. He's got it down. I'm still figuring it out.  Real slow.

*My favorite part: See that Mr. Incredible's figure hanging for dear life on that rope over there? That's me. But it's all good. There is a Fisher Price fire engine just on the other side. Pretty good planning for a 4 year old.