Books You'll Love: So Many Days.

Good morning. It's Monday. Very much a monday, and I need a good book.

Have you seen this wonderful new title from Taeeun Yoo? I've chatted about her before and how in love I am with her simple illustrations. But her sweet prints are making me smile this morning.

So Many Days. A book about dreams and possibilities and the wonders of the world we see.  There is this darling mini-video of the illustrated book here. It's one of those books perfect for gifting, graduation presents or for that new baby. "So many doors in all your days....So much to wonder about.....Where will you go.....and who will you be?"

I just love Taeeun Yoo's illustrations. Simple prints with fresh color, Asian influence and a vintage feel. They are timeless and wonderful. She has illustrated titles such as ONLY A WITCH CAN FLY, THE LITTLE RED FISH, and THE UMBRELLA QUEEN. She is an up-and-comer getting a lot of attention for her work, and I think there is so much to her simple lines and color that create the unique feel to her books. Here are some of my favorite illustrations from this book:

Aren't they wonderful? Have you seen any other of her books? I'd love to know what you think about them. They really speak to me as an illustrator, and to that inner child in me that craves imaginative illustrations and creative lines and color. Her illustrations are really inspiring me this morning....this plain-jane monday. Seeing illustrations like hers really thrill me and remind me how much I love illustrating for children. You can tell from her art that she loves illustrating for children too.  Hope you enjoy!