Design on my mind.

What do these images have in common? There is a theme here, and I'll give you a secret: it has to do with ALT DESIGN SUMMIT this weekend!

Ok, Can you guess?

These are the ladies I'll be speaking with on my panel under a topic that will for sure spill overtime cause there is so much to talk about: Building Your Brand and Your Business.

I am so thrilled to be speaking with Victoria from te super savy style blog Sfgirlbybay and the expert gardener and renaissance woman Gayla from You Grow Girl. We all have something in common: we love what we do, we started to put ourselves out there in the blogging world, and a business grew partially by accident and partially planned. We will be talking about the steps we have taken to get there and advice for the journey. Come with your questions too...I think we'll have a Q&A at the end if we have time!

So, if you haven't had time to get your tickets, this is your last chance! The first ever blogging conference with design in mind. I can't wait to hear from some of my biggest social marketing heros, and design heros. It will be a party with lots o lots of packed information.

If you can come, please come over and say hi! This will be my first day away from the baby, so I will be considerably more lonely than normal...either that or completely care free!

See you there!