Dance a little.

Every shop has the favorites...the ones that sell over and over again, and then the ones that shine quietly in the back. This print, a first of mine when the shop opened 2 years ago, always makes me happy.  These elephants often get stuck in the back, and I wanted to give them a proper reintroduction. Translation on the print is: Dance with me (which can easily be omitted if you just don't speak french like these elephants do).

So, say "Hello Elephants? How's the dancing?" or, if you are brave and feeling up to it, you could say, "Bonjour Elephants, comment va la dance?"

Because really, how can you not smile and laugh when you dance. I have learned well from my kids: that when the days get yucky, we turn up the music. It works every time.

Happy weekend, and happy dancing.