This morning's top 5 reasons why I love being a mom:

1. Waking up this morning to bed full of children who love snuggling me and the baby....and manage to make it a pleasure to get up for the day.

2. Listening to my 4 yr old sing "One short day in the Emerald City" from Wicked last night over and over again until she finally fell asleep.

3. Having the excuse to not do laundry yesterday because I visited a friend with just as much newborn sleep deprivation as I have.

4.  Watching my kids make what toys they don't have out of paper and scotch tape.

5. Eating Ella's cheeks all day yesterday, and waking up to see that she still has just as much cheekage today. Yummy.

I love my job. I love my kids. The little moments of beauty far out weigh the chaos, and I just love observing these little people learn about their world. And I love their world. I love to be in their world.

My goal for today: to crouch down a little lower, and view the universe with a bigger heart and bigger eyes. And maybe, if I'm lucky, trick all the kids into taking a nap!

Happy December everyone!