For you and you and you....

It has been snowing here. A lot. And I love it! The entry way (our kitchen) is muddy from snow boots, getting out the door with 3 kids and all the gear is going to take some major skills that I don't have yet, and I almost got stuck in my driveway just trying to get the mail. But hazzah! This winter wonderland is really getting me in the mood for christmas.

And keeping in line with the Christmas Spirit, here is the LAST promotional for the year in online Sarah Jane land:

20% off all prints through Christmas (prices are already marked down)

and a yummy giveaway on Bloesem Kids

I'm off now to make some carmel popcorn balls. Here's to hoping they actually get out to the neighbors like I planned...homemade-gooey-warm-and-soft carmel popcorn is on my top 10 "I would be happy dying from this" list. Happy Christmas!