Getting shorter.

Does this happen to you?

Short pencils mean there is a lot going on around here. Mostly on my book scheduled to be set into print this summer. It won't be in stores until Fall 2011, but deadlines are creeping up soon! I wish I could share more of what I am working on, but since nothing is in publication yet, I really can't share too much. But I will say, pencils are getting shorter and shorter around here!

Keep watching the blog this week. I have A LOT of really fun new additions to the shop coming up! Christmas gifts, cards and stocking stuffers to mention a few!

In the mean time, check out this hot new list of the New York Times top illustrated children's book list for 2009.  Aren't they delightful? I've blogged about a couple of these artists before. Just gorgeous.

OK....back to drawing (and paper doll making with the kids...have  you tried these out yet? They're a hit around here!)

Happy Monday!