Lunch quote download.


I have an amazing mother. You want to know how amazing? Had-five-children-and-made-their-lunches-everyday amazing. For nearly 25 years, she made school lunches. I hear it now, "She spoiled her children!" Ah, yes. But we made our lunches too, of course. What made her amazing is that she didn't mind making our lunches because she could then pack in secret notes. Mostly on post-its or folded pieces of paper. There were the "I love you's," "Good luck on your test today," and other motherly love notes. But more often than not, there was what we call "Lunch Quotes". I actually kept many of my lunch quotes...even when they were stained with grape water or condensation from my box juice. I kept so many, because they reflected what my mother cared about, and what she thought I needed to hear. It was a mother's way of staying in touch during the days when she hardly saw her children because of school, homework and other activities.

Growing up, if you were to walk into my mother's kitchen, you would see "lunch quotes" stuck to the fridge, close pinned above the sink, and by the phone. I always could tell what my mother was thinking about based on the quotes she chose to place around the house. It was a simple act of love for her family and for herself I will always treasure.

And so....after all these years of not having school lunches, I miss my lunch quotes!

So I made one.

For you and for me. And of course, for my Mom.

After watching this incredibly inspiring video, the end phrase was the catch-all for me.

This will be going in my kitchen above the sink. As a reminder for when things get they always kiss a bit more , listen more intently and hug a little longer.

You can download this "Lunch Quote" here. (For Personal Use only, please!)

Enjoy a love filled weekend!


sarah jane

**And, no...there is not a typo in the's just a fun + messy font. Enjoy!