Weekend wrap-up.

There are days that just get you all fueled up, and Friday was just that. I went to the Startup Princess Touchpoint event (a conference for entrepreneurs) and was so delighted to meet Heather Bailey in person. She spoke twice during the conference and I also got to chat with her a bit one-on-one. What a treat! She is just as warm and genuine as she comes across in her blog. I was so impressed by here incredible work ethic, dedication to her family, God and to her talents. She is one smart cookie, I'll tell you that. She was able to show us her new line of fabric coming any day now (she says she is just waiting for it to come in the mail!) and it's just darling. I'll let you check out her site for her to do the telling, but I was once again so impressed by her ability to create what she loves and what other people can't wait to get their hands on. She shared a lot of her journey from before she even started a business until now. It was needless to say, very inspiring!

I was also able to meet up with so many great blogging friends. In the picture on the left, you see Marie from Make and Takes, Allison from Petit Elephant, and Kami from No Biggie. It was so wonderful to meet people I only t get to read from on a screen...meeting in person is the icing on the cake! Thanks Startup Princess for such a great event!