I heart handmade.


So it's really true. Each child gets fewer and fewer photos of themselves. Everyone warned me, but I stubbornly took a million pictures of #1 and #2 to prove them wrong. But then came #3, and well....it's true. It's honestly a matter of having a spare finger to press "shoot." It doesn't sound that complicated, but believe me. They were right.

I managed to snap some photos of Ella this week, and it turns out, she is dolled up in everything handmade, and it made me smile. Everything she's wearing in these pictures someone took the time to make with their hands. I find that so special.


I fell in love with this podswaddler (a cross between a swaddling blanket and a peapod) made by a blog reader friend who has an ETSY shop. And her headband, also on ETSY who's maker is my wonderful neighbor. Her blanket in the top picture was made by my dear friend who does my shipping, and the best for last...


...this blessing dress made by my mother-in-law for Ella's special day. It just warms my heart to see so much made from loving hands for this little girl. My husband's grandmother even makes her things...at 90 years old...and I can't think of a better offering than of work from your hands. These are precious gifts!

And let's just say...this baby herself is as handmade as they come! And ooooooh, she's the best gift ever.