7 a.m. snippets.


7 am

Ian: Good morning mom. I'm a cat.

Me:OK. Good morning my cat.

I roll out of bed with the baby.

Addie + Ian: Meow Meow-mow meeeee-ow. (Translation: Can we listen to Mr. Mistoffelees? {from CATS})

We are listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber and dancing like 8o's rock star cats all before breakfast. I love my life.


Me: Ian what do you want for breakfast? Toast or fruitshake?

Ian: Cheese and spicy stuff. And beans.

Me: We don't eat salsa for breakfast.

Ian: I want salsa for breakfast.

Me: (remembering that Ian usualy eats nothing for breakfast) OK. I'll make you salsa for breakfast. (Hey...at least it's fresh from the garden salsa, OK?)

Ian: (after getting his plate of food) I want a popsical.

Me: No popsicals for breakfast. Eat your salsa. (Did I really just say that?)

Play time.

Me: Ian, come here. I just finished cutting out your paper doll.

Ian: No mom. I'm fishing. (His fishing pole made out of a fabric tape measure clamped to a small pencil sharpener for the hook).

Me: Where are you fishing?

Ian: The Nordic Sea.

Me: What are you fishing for?

Ian: Alaskan bears.

Me: Did you catch one?

Addie interupts: No mom. Our family is allergic to bears.

Well, then. That's that.

What did you do this morning?