Live it up.

Hi folks. It's been a while. And for a good reason. We lost our dear friend and cousin Justin (age 27) very unexpectedly over a week ago. We had a very full week of emotions and funeral planning. Times like this, family all rallies together and it is beautiful to see what comes of such tragedies. Life can smack you in the face pretty hard sometimes. But there was a lot of peace and a lot of love and even understanding. I was so lucky to have all my family come into town which resulted in some updated family pictures of us all from my dear photographer friend Katherine. Family is the center of it all. My life, my treasure. Every day is a gift that we don't get back. Love, laughter, smiles, thank you's, and hugs make life worth living. Add a bit of good food, art, books, music, travel, color and days full of making things, and I'm a happy girl. Live it up folks. It's all we've got.

(I'll be back soon with more art and designs to share! See you around.)