Dear Big People,

My mom thinks I'm snoozing in the cradle, but I had to sneak on and see what this big screen was all about. I can't seem to figure out why people spend so much time on this big hunk of aluminum. I mean come on! I'm a heck of a lot cuter. But I think I am looking at an imac right now. Ok, Ok. They are pretty cool.

I had to log in and tell you I figured out the secret to making mom smile at me more and even take pictures of me again. I stopped screaming all the time. And even more effective, I started cooing. People seem a lot happier around here.

A lot.

Mom is still oober-picky when it comes to eating her food, but it makes me happy so who cares! All I eat is milk, why should she complain that she can't have nuts, bread or ice cream any more? Yuck. It's all about me around here anyways. Haven't they figured that out by now?

There have been a few bumps to this whole "baby" thing, but I get lots of attention (and I mean lots!) so things are fine. And now that I'm talking, we've been having some pretty interesting conversations. But don't worry, I won't tell her I snuck out of my room to get on the internet. My vocabulary is limited to "glglglglurglglgleurooo" and "ahhhhiiiii" right now. She'd never catch on.

I'm sure I'll be back.