Wild things.

It was Maurice Sendak's 81st Birthday last month, and I stumbled across this site while reading more about him. Have I mentioned how Maurice Sendak is my hero? Ok. I know he is basically every illustrator's hero. But they're are all just saying that. Really, Maurice Sendak is my hero and inspiration. I have often wondered what it would be a like to peek into his artist brain for a day and sense how he works. He is pure genius. One of the Greats.

"They're not so terrible" by Peter DeSeve

So, about this site: Terrible Yellow Eyes. This blog is a collection of illustrated works by various artists inspired by the classic picture book, Where the Wild Things Are. Inspired by Maurice Sendak, and as a tribute to him, these artists have illustrated phrases or ideas from the book in their own style. What an incredible tribute, as well as a great experience to reillustrate something so brilliantly written. I think I have the original illustrations memorized detail by detail: so to see other interpretations is so refreshing.

Have a look:

Allie Biondi

Jeremy Vanhoozer

Mike Lee

Kate Burgess

annie koelle

Delightful, isn't it? What a tribute for Maurice's 81st birthday. And with the movie coming out soon, hope this gets you in the mood.