singing in the rain.

I don't know if I mentioned my other half and his crazy over the top dancing skills. Not only does he cook, but he is a crazy awesome dancer/actor/singer! He has been rehearsing for the past 2 months for the summer run of "Singing in the Rain" and he is playing the role of Don Lockwood (Gene Kelly) at a local community theater and the show opens next week! My good husband hasn't performed in a show in 10 years (it is a rather big time commitment!) and I couldn't be more thrilled for him.

He and I actually met our very first day of college in BYU's Musical Theater program and I fell madly in love with his tapping skills. What girl doesn't swoon over a gorgeous guy in tap shoes who can flirt with a triple time step? I fell for it, and glad I did.

If you are in Utah, come and see! It's a fantastic show.

Hale Center Theater come Monday, Wednesday or Friday.

Happy weekend!