Happy Site Friday: A bit of SOULE.

Happy Friday everyone! Today's inspiration comes from a blog I am sure most of you are familiar with: Soule Mama.

I daily ask myself the question: is it possible to balance gentle, creative family living with my own creative work and still mother my children in a very active way without being distracted by my own personal demands?

I don't have the answer, and I don't think there is one. I think the answer can be found in glimpses of our own family living. When we choose to look back, we see where our time is being spent. Amanda Soule blogs about her daily creative living with her 4 children is southern coastal Maine and frankly...inspires me to believe that I can do it too.

Amanda is also a wonderful writer and photographer and has written a book that I keep on hand during the day when I need inspiration: The Creative Family. She has just written another book that will soon be out on the shelves: The Handmade Home. I can't wait to get my hands on that one.

Inspiration is vital for me: as an artist I am constantly gleaning fresh inspiration to make my home, my business and my life a more beautiful place...which is why I love the blog world: a place where we can inspire each other to live our best lives. I love Amanda's blog because she gives honest glimpses and writes about REAL life: like this post and this post.

Her photos inspire me:

Real life spaces.

Real beauty found in the details.

Real life with children.

Real life at home.

Real color.

Seeing children for what they see.

Cozy living spaces.

Real work.

Life with children is hard work. Life with children and with my own work is even more challenging. But I firmly believe that the two can be welded together: a lifestyle I am constantly striving to combine. And Soule Mama's blog has become a friend to me, encouraging me a long the way. We all need support!

I leave you today with a place I hope you find inspiring: A place where I remember that children are children; the world is a place to see, touch and experience; and that pursuing our personal craft is possible while striving for creative living. Thanks, Mama.