The baker's wife.

I know I have mentioned before how in love I am with the fact that I have a gourmet chef for a husband. He calls himself the "Weekend Gourmet". Because really, it is the weekends that he has the time to just play. To him, cooking is completely a creative outlet. He'll study baking and cooking from cultures world wide, memorize the principles, and will never touch the recipes again. He will make up his own variations and never create the same thing twice. And often, his best cooking is when he just needs to take a break from the world and play in the kitchen. I really don't mind when he comes home stressed since it usually means something really yummy is coming!

This weekend there was Irish in his blood. With St. Pat's just around the corner, he whipped out 3 different kinds of Irish breads: raisin and lemon Irish soda bread, Brown Irish soda bread, and his own variation of Baps (an Irish breakfast role). Oh, and do I mention that he did this all in 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon?

I probably shouldn't mention that the photos don't even include the grilled salmon meal or the traditional Irish Corned beef and cabbage meal, both with all the trimmings of a gourmet night on the town. I am REALLY trying to get him to write down his recipes...maybe a little blog pressure will help?

oh yes, I love my life.

Feel free to nibble at the screen.