Hi there! We're back.

Wowzers. I think this is the longest I have ever been away from my blog! And not just my blog. From blog surfing, internet research, twitter, and even emails that don't need immediate reply. Wow. I feel a little strange being back! Not because I didn't miss piping in about the fun things we have been up to, but because I have had an increased sense of reality.

A older woman I met with yesterday said something I will never forget. She said: "So-and-So is always out in the neighborhood visiting with neighbors, chatting with people in the yard and walking around outside getting to know people. You see, he doesn't have a TV."

Well...I think it is safe to say a replacement for TV has become the COMPUTER! The safe place to connect. And a wonderful place! Diets are just recommended to make sure it isn't our only place to connect. And now, after 12 days or so, I am in check. And for heaven's sake, I am not even an addict...just someone who loves pretty things, getting inspiration, checking in with people, and keeping up on my business. But now I am back, and happy to check in with eveyone and say a big: I have missed you! Thanks for checking in while I was away. Great things are happening, and I can't wait to share!