Voices were heard...but keep shouting!

If you haven't heard already, there has been an "EMERGENCY STAY" on the CPSIA bill, meaning in short, that a year has been allowed to get things in order. Horray! Voices WERE heard! I was getting a little weary of our government (still am actually) but the knowledge that with media like it is today (blogging, email, television, news press) the heat of this spread like wildfire all the way to the big dogs, and they are listening! The fight isn't over yet though. You need to read this informative statement from Senator DeMitt to the small business and handmade community about what to do next. He knows the drills, and knows that this will only end up postponing things not changing things just yet. So we still need to voice our concerns! But in the mean time, things are clear for a year!

Thanks for all your input on the CPSIA post. It is just so great to see the online community get together on this!