Shop promoting tips: get inspired by Little Brown Pen

There are so many different ways to promote your business in this day and age. Too many ways it seems. But making a clever video and accessing the audience on YOU TUBE is a super smart way to go. Check out this music video from Nichole of Little Brown Pen. Has me re-thinking the way I use social media.

Nichole Robertson's arsty shop video

Ok. Aren't you seriously inspired? I met Nichole on TWITTER and fell in love with her ETSY shop and her BLOG. Nichole is an American living in Paris, and sells PDF's which is brilliant...I am thinking of all the paper I cut and print each day and am thinking she has it good!

In the mean time, check out her shop: darling, darling.

And for a trip to Paris in February, visit her AMAZING blog: you will feel like you are there.

Have any of you used video to promote your shop? Thanks Nichole for getting me to think outside the box!