Happy Site Friday: making the masterpeice.

Happy Site Friday is a state of mind today. A place I need to go in my heart and my head to get over a really hard week! I LOVE this quote, and I was reminded of it from my friend's blog here. She is a mother of 6 (including triplets) and a graphic designer. Just what I needed for a pick me up this morning!

THANK YOU ALL for your sweet well wishes on the pregnancy! I wish I had the time to email you all back individually and thank you! It is so exciting to be creating a new child inside me...more than a miracle!

But in case you EVER get the sense that motherhood is all bliss and no tears in our household, please think again. Sometimes I think because blogging is JUST A FRACTION of real life, we forget that life with children is NOT picture perfect moments. Cakies started a "messy monday" post, and I am seriously wanting to start one too. Gotta get my courage a bit hight though:) Life can be quite chaotic.

This is all from yesterday:

Ian screaming so loud in the car I can't get through to GOOG-411 on my cell to get a phone number. The automatic operator kept thinking I was trying to get the number for "AHHHHHHHH!" instead of my daughter's pre-school.

Ian finding the Costco size package of toilet paper and unraveling it in my shower.

Addie and Ian fighting!

Addie forgoing a much needed nap so she could dump out all the toys while I was napping.

People coming over to visit and being too embarrassed to invite them in yesterday!

More Fighting!

Ian finding the dental floss and unstringing THE ENTIRE 75 YARDS all over the living room and tangling it all around himself and the furniture.

Children who think 2 am is a good time to eat breakfast and do a puzzle in the play room.

The red stains from Baby Motrin all over my bedding from a midnight dose to a screaming three year old who hates medicine and is very good at spitting it out at record lengths.

BUT then I melt from the sweet:

Addie has stopped calling me "Sarah" and now calls me "Mudder"

Ian, because he can't say his "S's" very well, says "I love you too much" instead of "I love you SO much"

Addie exclaims at least once a day "Mudder, you are the most wonderful Mudder in the whole world!"

Ian needing at least 4 sets of kisses and hugs at bedtime.

Addie telling me out of the blue at lunch time: "Mudder, don't worry. I will still be your daughter when I grow up."

Ian running around the house naked for 10 minutes shouting "Horray!" after going potty for the first time.

And so much more...

So, to any of you who need a little "pick me up" this morning, print off this quote and know you are doing the best work ever! There are so many payoff's when you start looking! It's really a masterpiece...motherhood is the best work of art I have attemped yet. But masterpeices take time and masterpeices can be messy in the middle. Trick is to see the creative process as beautiful!

Happy Friday!