Happy Site Friday: Children's books online

OK. I am totally excited today to share with you the biggest kept secret of the Internet. Well, my biggest kept secret. I have mentioned before how I LOVE vintage children's books, and collect them for inspiration. Well, if you haven't heard of the Rosetta project, you are in for a treat.

This site is an online library of hundreds of vintage children's books that have been scanned in page by page and can be read and seen online. You are not allowed to save any of the information without buying the books, however. They range in price based on length and how valuable. But when you buy the book, it is saved to your computer and you can print it or read them on your screen! These books are amazing, and they are being updated weekly. There are books from the mid eighteen hundreds up to the 40's , and range from early readers to books for youth. It is so amazing to watch the trends in children's lit change through the years. You really get a sense of what the culture deemed as fun for kids. They also have books from different countries...Sweden, Brazil, etc.

I can't post more pics, since they are highly protected. But I promise you won't be disappointed! I have been checking their site for 2 years now, and consider it the biggest gem I have found yet.

Have fun! I would love to know your favorites!

Happy friday my friends!


sarah jane