The chef party.

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a brother and sister who loved to eat sweets and loved to cook and make things together. So they decided to have the perfect sweet-eating, food-cooking, craft making birthday party.

It started out with mother making a table filled with sweets and good things to eat. But since she learned long ago the beauty of delegation, she miraculously found the best sweet-making queen in the land to make the cupcakes for the party. Queen Dusti at Tres Sucre went above and beyond with her strawberry frosting, white chocolate dipped, sprinkled covered marshmellow cupcakes. The most divine in all the land!!! (Seriously folks....we're talking break every new years resolution good! She her up and get some!)

Next the children each got their own apron to wear and take home for the party which were lovingly (and a little too quickly) made by Mother and Sister.

But every chef needs a chef hat, so we started the day with making paper hats. You makes the food taste better when you where them!

Each child made their own personal pizzas, with pre-made dough provided by Father, the royal chef of the land. There was plenty of cheese for all!

After the pizza making extravaganza, the children had an in door picnic eating their hand-made pizza's. But they were also sitting a little too close to the sweets table, and soon claimed to be full enough so we could move on to the cupcake eating!

Wishes were made and candles were blown (spit on rather...thus the INDIVIDUAL cupcakes rather than a large CAKE until children are AT LEAST 6) and tummies were happy.

Presents were opened.

Presents were then worn

And played with

And then it was pinata time...with even more sweets for the already full children!

Hug and laughs and happy chefs left with happy tummies and happy treats. But of course, we couldn't be finished with the party until a proper balloon release.

And after all was said and done, the brother and sister said good-bye and thank you, closed the door and snuggled a happy mother and father, who knowing they had to clean up the mess from 10 creative chefs, snuggled knowing they had two very special children who were going to live another year of happily ever after.

The end.