Save handmade and blog about it!

I have been meaning to blog about this for a while: CPSIA and the death to nearly all unique, independent, and handmade products (not to mention library books, used and thrifted items) for children in the US starting February 10th. Sounds eggagerated? It is true.

Read here, here, here and here.

I am saving my words for WEDNESDAY JAN. 28th to unite my blog with all of yours in an effort to RAISE MY VOICE about this terrible law.

IF you have a blog, and feel so inclined to spread the word and the support to do ALL WE CAN to change this, PLEASE BLOG on Wednesday! Here is the link to add your blog to the list (you may need to be a member of ETSY to add yourself to the list, but NOT to join the BLOGATHON). And get your own blog readers to write their own as well. The more the merrier!!!

If you don't feel like writing your own post, here is one that you are welcome to use, or modify to your own voice.

I will have more updates on current info on this act on Wednesday, what it all means and what we can do about it. Until then...get blogging!

**above softie image from Persimmon and Pink