Happy Site Friday: Poladroid.net

Hi. My name is Sarah and I am a recovering Polaroid-aholic.

Yes. I am hooked. I found this free download that gives you a "Polaroid" camera for your desktop, and all you do is drag and drop your digital photos into the camera, and CLICK-CLICK it pops out a Polaroid version! The photos even sit on your desktop and "develop" just like the real thing! I am in love!

The above photos come from a photo shoot my cousin at Gashlycrumbs did for me with my Toys on Wheels, J'aime ma Maman , Danse avec moi and Dress up party print. I think they look pretty nifty in vintage film!

To satisfy your own Polaroid cravings, click here.

** and THANK YOU for all of your hard work with voicing your support of changing the CPSIA. Great comments everyone!