Are you Twitter-pated?

This weekend, I was introduced to some great new ways to keep in touch on line. Though I have heard of Twitter for a while, I really wasn't all that interested in finding out about yet ANOTHER way to kill time on the computer. Getting on the computer is hard enough around these parts! But after learning how it works, I have found it is even less time consuming than email, or blogging...and a great way to keep people informed about what is going on in your life...on your website...or blog. I am mostly going to be using it to keep you up on conversations that revolve around my studio, but I also want to keep in touch with you! With how busy we all are and yet how much we still want to keep up with each other, twitter is the best answer! Learn more about it here:

So, sign up, and FOLLOW ME (username: sarahjanestudio) And I will follow you back!

Sending happy tweets.


Sarah Jane