Startup Princess Retreat

OK. Here is the chance of a lifetime. Mark your calendars and sign up for the Startup Princess Academy retreat featuring classes, workshops and networking with some of the most inspiring women entreprenuers. Here is what Kelly, founder of Startup Princess has to say about this event:

Women influence over 85% of all purchases, and they need to be communicated with in new ways–one size does not fit all. Please join us to Learn the Magic of Marketing to Women Online with TOP EXPERTS in a way that translates into MORE Consumers and BIGGER Profits! Be on the cutting edge in your campaigns to maximize your marketing budget for 2009 and learn how to create effective and free word of mouth campaigns.

Sounds perfect right? Well add meeting these FABULOUS WOMEN to the mix:

Barbara Jones, Holly Buchanon and Michelle Miller and my personal favorite who I can't wait to meet in person:Gabrielle Blair (aka Design Mom). Now picture that with 3 gourmet meals, slumbering in an amazing resort, and a chance to rub shoulders with women as passionate as you are, and voila! A perfect getaway. But more than that: Much inspiration and information. And from personal experience, these retreats are 450% better than just reading a blog or book. Trust me.

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See you there!