My Children's Corner

Since we are getting our place ready to sell, I realized I don't really have any decent pictures of my Addie and Ian's room. It is quite a tight space: all of their toys, clothes and beds fit into this little space that I can't even take a full picture of because I can't stand back far enough! But Small Spaces require creativity, which is my favorite kind of problem to handle.


- "Manners can be Fun": Anthropologie. Published in 1936. My mother used to read this to me, and I am sure her mother read it to my mother. Fantastic illustrations. We bring this down when the kids need a little more reenforcement besides mom and dad.

- "The LIttle House" is on my top 5 children's books of all time. If you haven't read this, you need to.

- Letter A: from Anthropologie. On sale for $6

- Toad likes to hang out up here, but he often comes down to play.

- Wooden display cabinet I hand painted a while back

- Babaar print: We purchased a print while in France at a flea market. I am sure you can get them in the states though. I just liked the size...and that it was from Provence.

- IKEA shelves are a lifesaver. Not only do they fit everything, but they are square. I like squares. And White.

-The felt Crowns are from Cakies. We love these!

-Vintage alphabet poster $4 at a book arts paper store

There are more details I didn't catch here...but all the more reason for me to take pictures when we move into our new space!