I won!

Holy Cow. I really can't believe it. But I have to tell you.

I actually WON the marie-antoinette inspired dress from Grosgrain. I am still a bit in shock! With 1,003 entries, the odds were as slim as they come! I never win ANYTHING, so actually, about 6 months ago, I just stopped entering my name in giveaways since it just seemed like such a waste of time. Well, this dress obviously caught my attention, and since I have a daughter who literally says things like "Oh mother, you truly look lovely today", would sleep in necklaces and lace if I let her and can be found singing to her "true love" when ever she enters a grove of trees, I had to enter. Oh I am glad I did! I can't wait to show you pictures after it comes in the mail. This woman is AMAZING and I think that she is pretty much a genius when it come to children's design. Check out her other designs here. Oh...and the best part. She is opening a shop in two weeks! Oh the world is a sweet place.