Huge shop update.

In the beginning was my shop. And the shop was my world. And my world revolved around my shop. I didn't sleep. I made art and art only. And after two months was over, I crashed. And I cleaned my house. And I didn't create art because I wanted to be sane...and have a clean house. And I got very sad.

Then one day, a blessed man came and said "I will take the kids out all day on an outdoor adventure and you can stay home and enjoy a quite house." And I said, "Will you marry me?" And he said, "You already did." And then I kissed him. And then I went into my studio and locked the door and barricaded it from all distraction (including food) and got to work.

And now...I have art. It doesn't look like much when I consider I had a day all to myself. But art is SLOW folks. That is just how it is. And how it should be. And this wasn't even done in a day. It was finished in a day. I may just need to call that blessed man back and tell him my children need a second all-day-outdoors adventure. And I know he will say "yes" because that is what married people do. They give lots and lots to each other. And then after I kiss him again, I will make more gingerbread waffles.

We also have "The Rocket Launch Club" print in the shop now, with (shhh...don't tell) some free pdf downloads in the works coming soon.

And, in my efforts to get this in the shop with some other storybook dictionary prints, this one never ended up in the shop. But here it is now!

Well, there you have it folks! Whew! I can't wait to get my hands into my sketch book again. Maybe I really DON'T care about a clean house....

Meanwhile: Visit the shop!