Happy Site Friday: Vintage children's books

It's been a while...Happy Friday!

Today, I bring you a treasure chest. You are going to love it. www.vintagechildrensbooks.com. This is a gold mine folks. I have made one purchase from them a few months ago, and I got some books from the 50's, 40's and even one from 1746. Yes. They didn't make 'children's books' then, but they made religious songs for children to learn about how to behave in society. Such a great find. The books I am showing above are all $5 (except for Sara Crew, which is a mere $100) but you could do some major Christmas shopping here (ah -hem...for me...ah-hem). Seriously, I have to restrain myself here. I have a complete passion for vintage children's books (really?) and this is a gold mine. They are adding new stuff all the time, so check back every once in a while. Have Fun!