Scrap Owls, sewing lessons and what to do with your 3 year old when they stop napping.

I think this is it. I really hope not, but this might be the beginning of the end. Have you noticed how I haven't had much new art work up lately? Yes, I have had family in town, and I have been busy with the shipping/packing side of things. But the biggest reason? Addie has decided she "doesn't sleep in the day." I spent the first half of the week panicking. This is MY only time in the day to really WORK, and I have been in denial that this day would come. She still needs a nap, and I really hope we can fit in a few per week before they dissipate completely. (I may sound really calm...but behind this computer screen, tears of agony are streaming down my face!)

So Friday comes around, and after 45 minutes of trying every creative way to sleep my toddler, we sit on the couch and read together. She picks up "Pottery Barn Kids" (which by the way, I am becoming more and more impressed with!) and after a few pages, spots an Owl Softie on a model bed, and says "Mommy, can we make this?"

As upset as I was that I was losing precious work time to my stubborn toddler, my heart melted! Don't most kids say "Can I have this?" I am sure I did. The fact she knew that she could make something like that got me really excited. And since I am used to working hard and creatively during nap time anyways, I said "YES!"

So, I dusted off my sewing machine (literally!) and we got to work. Addie and I drew a pattern with green crayon, And she helped me cut it out, helped me pick the fabrics from my scraps, place the pins, and she proudly sat on my lap while I sewed it on the machine. (Oh, and yes, Addie is "wearing her skin" as she calls it. We cannot keep clothes on this child. She does however have a wicked tan line that could easily pass for a shirt!)

I digress. Please people...don't look close here! I am a sloppy sewer, and with a very impatient and very wiggly three year old on my lap ("Mommy, let's make her wings now!! Now!!") I was in no mood for perfection. By bed time, she was all but stuffed, but Addie still slept with her anyways! We stuffed her this morning, and they haven't parted since! For a girl who dreams of princesses, mermaids and sparkely jewels, I was tickled that she would be so attracted to Owls (very trendy girl, eh?). She did, however, name her Owl Ariel.

So, here we have Ariel, the nocturnal (wink wink), motherly, orange and pink bird who seems to me to have quite a sense of humor! She must since she is so tolerant of her big over-sized beak, crooked head, floppy legs, button eyes I stole from a sweater, and the fact that we made her pregnant...or motherly...depending on the location of the baby owl in her poscket. We sure love her though! She fits my Addie to a T. And though I am in no way celebrating a napless afternoon, I am celebrating that Addie is learning that good things don't grow on trees. Somebody had to make that toy, or doll, or car or brownie. She is so interested in sewing, and though I am not a proficient seamstress, I am just glad that her 3 year old eyes can't tell! And now, I may just be back to getting up before the crack of dawn to get my work done...but at least Addie has nocturnal friend to stay up with when she should be sleeping!