Mantra's from a dreamer.

I am a dreamer. I have always been a dreamer. But I find that as I am getting older, reality sets in, and I find myself more bound by time, money, and physical limitations. There is something that happens between childhood and adulthood that keeps us from thinking we can do anything. Well, I catch myself in these dull boring moments of reality (cause that is what they are...dull and boring!) and I have to remember, that life is meant to be lived to the fullest...not for settling into what we can't do. Last night, my husband very profoundly stated:

Anything great ever done in this world, happened because somebody was dreaming.

Isn't that so true? James Madison dreamt of a new government. The Wright brothers dreamt of a flying machine. Edison dreamt of an electric light. We all have so many dreams, and I think that as adults, we have to try even harder to keep those dreams alive! Real life has a way of telling us we can't do things, and I am sick of listening to that stream of thinking sometimes. My children have the biggest imaginations, and I am constantly being reminded that my daughter is a mermaid and my son is a tiger. So, in the spirit of the Olympics this week, keep dreaming. Keep thinking you can. That is my determination this live the visions I have inside. The only person who can stop us from doing what we REALLY want to do is ourselves. Think about that.

And so, to end my post and to start my week, I leave you with the words of one of my favorite dreamers:

If you can dream it, you can do it.~ Walt Disney

That is so true. I am a singer and spent most of my highschool and college years in voice lessons. One my favorite teachers of all time said, "If you can squeak it, you can sing it." Meaning, if you have it in you to even just squeak that high note, you have it in you (with a whole lot of practice and hard work) to sing it beautifully some day. If there is a glimpse of it, keep working at it and the dream will become reality.

Can you tell what is on my mind today? I am determined to overcome this pesty habit of letting reality dampen my curiosities and dreams. So, with that, happy dreaming everyone!


sarah jane