Happy monday everyone! I have to first say...WOW! What a weekend I've had! I was featured on ETSY's homepage, and I will tell you, I have made so many great friends and met so many incredible people because of it! I heart ETSY!!! It's like this amazing art gallery shop full of incredible products, but even more, really cool people! I love that ETSY encourages so much communication between artists for support, advice, etc. So, thanks to all of you who popped in to say hello! I have loved looking at your shops, and hearing your experiences! I have tried to reply to most all of you, but if I haven't replied, I will be soon. In the mean time...know I have loved meeting all of you this weekend! I love the internet, but honestly, I would much rather throw a BBQ and meet all you in person:) You are all an inspiration! Speaking of inspiration, I have been thinking "what made me want to become an artist." There is never one single answer to this, and the one that I gave in the interview is the most true to experience. I don't remember a time that I wasn't an artist. But there are always supports a long the way, and I wanted to share one of mine (there are many).

My Grandpa Knell was an artist. He was an architect professionally, but I think that a lot of architects start out as artists. He loved design and the functionality of design. But he also had a big imagination. He died almost 3 years ago, but he instilled in me a great love of drawing and somehow gave me the confindence to pursue my talents. I often remember him at the kitchen table sketching out designs with his sons, or drawing with the grandkids. This weekend, we had a family reunion and my aunt had brought some drawings grandpa had made on paper lunch bags who knows how many years ago. How precious! Not only because he is gone now, but also because they are doodles on lunch bags which to me represents that a true artist will draw on just about ANYTHING!! His caricatures were always so artsy/funky. I love it!!

My grandfather was one of my many inspirations, but something about being his grandaughter gave me permission to live my dreams.

So, I would like to know...who has inspired you to do what you love? Family? Fellow artist?