If babies aren't happy, ain't nobody happy.

We have some new friends that have kept us very very busy as of late. We don't answer the phones. If there is a knock at the door, we gladly ignore it. We have nearly forgotten to eat! Last week we went on a family outing to the toy store and picked up a bucket of THESE. They have demanded our full attention and it is no wonder that they have been around since 1913. They have been around for 95 years for a reason! I am sure we are the last family on earth to finally have them in our home, but seriously, they are the greatest toy invented! And best thing yet...Addie and Ian have been so busy and so happy all week! Toys that have never ending possibilities for play are my favorite! And for the first time in a while, I actually don't mind the constant mess on the floor. Well...almost. Let's rephrase that..I don't mind the happy toddlers I have had this week!