Bid Open! Support the Neilson Family!

Today is the day: I am auctioning off my FULL set of calendar prints in support of the Neilson Family that needs our help. For those of you who don't know, Stephanie and Christian Neilson (parents of 4 children under the age of 5 and author of the ever popular blog: Nie Nie Dialogues) were in a tragic plane crash 2 weeks ago which killed the pilot, Doug Kennard, but left the couple with severe third degree burns covering most of their body (Stephanie 80% and Christian 30%). They leave behind these 4 children who will be living with extended family while Stephanie and Christian remain in critical condition,enduring months and months of treatments. They are currently in a chemically induced coma, and are expected to be for several months. Their medical bills are expected to be in the millions, and people all around the world are committing to help.

So in my efforts to help, I am auctioning off my FULL set of Calendar prints which will be for sale in my shop this weekend retailing at $200. If you are new to my blog and shop, I have been creating a new print every month since last October, and I have finally completed the set! The set included 12 prints, each portraying my dear little girl (who will remain choose!) caught in a moment typical of the month she finds herself in. Each print is hand drawn and digitally colored by me, printed on archival fine art paper with archival inks, and lovingly signed by me. Many customers have designated a wall in their home for all 12, or have a single frame that they rotate a new one in every month. Each print features the month on the bottom left hand corner, but you are also welcome to purchase the prints with out the month.


Here is how it works:

I will start the bid at a certain amount: $50.

Write your next bid in the comments section, and keep checking to see who is the highest bidder.

Only bid in increments of $1. No loose change folks.

If someone out bids you, keep adding your bid in the comments section until the Auction is closed and I will announce the highest bidder.

The auction will close Friday Night at midnight.

And remember, the retail price is $200 for all 12 let's try and match that:)

Once you have won the bid, you will send the money to the Stephanie and Christian Neilson Fund.

Happy bidding! Good Luck!!!

Oh, and when you are done here, check out for a $150 gift certificate to my shop as well as hundreds of other wonderful things for auction!!