The most precious Angel.

Today I want to pay tribute to a very special person. Three years ago this week (June 14th, 2005) Kennedy Linton, age 20 months, passed on to Heaven in her parents arms. This sweet little girl struggled courageously for 7 1/2 months with a very rare form of Brain Cancer, and though she went through multiple operations and treatments, she was the bravest little warrior through it all. Kennedy had so much spunk and personality, and though she lost her ability to communicate verbally (because of the Chemotherapy) she learned sign so well! She was so smart for her grown up and yet so tender too. She loved books and animals, and loved learning of any kids. She was constantly pointing to everything in her world. She loved her parents and wouldn't leave her mother's side. She was a true little angel and yet, a warrior at the same time. We love you Kennedy.

Kennedy was the only child of my dearest friend Laura. This week I wanted to share with you Kennedy's story so that you can say a little prayer, or have a little thought on their behalf. Losing a child is every parent's worst nightmare, but I have watched Kennedy's parents show as much courage through their personal grieving process as Kennedy had while she was here. Though it has been three years, I don't think that it hurts any less. Her parents are truly the bravest people I know.

In honor of Kennedy, her parents, and this very special week for them, I wanted to post some prints that I made a while back to celebrate her life. I will always miss this little princess, and wonder about the friends Kennedy and Addie would have been. This week my prayers are with Laura, Ryan and Kennedy, and I hope you can offer up a little thought too.

May this week be a celebration of a small life, but a BIG person. We love you Kennedy.