On my desk...

...But not for long!

Getting back from a big break is usually the pits. Laundry, unpacking, going through mail, and adjusting to boring "REAL LIFE." This time, I got to get busy filling orders, and let me just tell you...It is good to be back. Thanks to so many of you for patiently waiting for your orders. I really didn't think that I would get any orders while I was gone. But, 35 packages and 67 orders later, I guess I was wrong.

This stack would have taken me like 73 hours to fill 7 months ago when this all started. Not only was I working in a crammed corner of my bedroom (shhhhh...don't tell any one that) but I was just getting used to all the ????

?What shipping materials are best?
?Return address labels?
?How should I pack multiple items together so they are safe?
?Where is the tape!
?How many sharpees can I go through in a week?
?Am I out of cello sleeves already?
?The post office closes in 13 minutes. Can I make it?

Wow. I still consider myself in the 'start-up' stage, but those days were the REAL startup days. Yikes! I have learned a lot about shipping and packing since then! It still is time away from drawing or creating, but I love to see all my prints making new homes somewhere else.

So thanks to all of you who made orders while I was gone. They have been sent on their way, and I can officially start getting artsy again. Ahhh...yes. My sketchpad and I have a date:)

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