It is interesting...these calender prints. Some of them come so fast, and some take me forever to figure out. June was a 'forever to figure out' print. Really, it was the color scheme that took me the longest. You may have noticed that every season has it's own color scheme, and June/July/August is my last theme to choose. But, I decided: Summer Whites (with splashes of watermelon and orange). But now that I have decided...I can't wait for July and August!

This little moment is inspired by Addie who helped me see that all the dandelions are nearly all 'white poofs' and must be blown away in the wind. She is flower lover (what little girl isn't?) and June is full of gorgeous blooms, but also these pesky weeds that children love.

This print is more still that I would have liked for a warmer month like June, but there is something about the stillness that is childlike. Children can run and climb and be ALL over the place, but they are also capable for caring about each one of those seeds that are disappearing in the wind. Amazing.

Happy June every one!

OH, and please notice to the left I have a running poll right now. I am wanting to make some FREE downloads available on my blog, and want to know what would be of most interest to you! I am constantly looking for free paper dolls and coloring pages for my kids, and decided to make my own and want to share! So, you can vote for more than one thing, but vote! I want to know what you would like.

Sarah Jane