Happy Site Friday: the prolific artist.

Today my very thoughts and interests were answered by a blog post. Crazy, isn't it? I was thinking deep thoughts about my role as an artist, and voila...I read this just yesterday morning. What is a prolific artist? What about my daily life and life views define who I want to be?

This article doesn't spell out HOW to be an amazing artist. But what it does do, is reveal 7 Common Characteristics of Prolific People.

I find this very interesting as I seek inside myself which parts of me need to work better to get what I want. It took me a while to say that I was an 'artist.' I didn't major in art, or study under a great mentor...art is just the way that I think and see the world. Now that I have a 'shop' it is easier to say. But do you need to sell your art to be an 'artist?' NO! There is real power in telling people, "I am an artist." Just as easy as that. This article outlines some great commonalities in prolific artists, and I think I will be putting this up on my bulletin board. Enjoy!

PS: Thanks for all your comments and sympathy on Wed's post about our strep-house. Unfortunately, strep has mutated into the croup, and I think today's article should have been: How to get a full night's sleep in an hour. Any one want to write that one?