A welcomed friend.

There is quite the combination of tasks and obligations that come with owning a business. My art is what I love to do, and what I love to sell. But I am starting to find that unless I keep things fresh and new, I will never find growth as an artist or as a business. There are projects I am working on, and art that I want to see in my shop. But when I get artists block I have to create for the sake of creating. Even if it doesn't go with my shop, or even if I have specific projects to work on. If I don't, I get stuck and can't think. It is all part of being a creative personality. So, you may be seeing more of these from my gut type illustrations that may or may not make their way into the shop. But they reflect what is on my mind now and in my vision now.

For instance, this little piece (brought to you by Thursday Naptime). I am having a little obsession with toadstools lately. And I just love red and pink together. But this little girl came from my Addie this month. She will find the most random thing and say, "Mommy, this matches me!" Like a diaper wipe and her white shirt. Or the brown leaf to her brown pants. She is also making friends with inanimate living things, like trees and grass. So, this is for her. But this time, the toadstools want to be friends with what they think matches them. It is a happy day for a toadstool when friends come a long. And today, I have made friends with my pen again.