Happy Site Friday.

Happy Friday everyone. I am fighting a really bad sore throat, so I can't talk long. So we will make this brief (but not short!)

Mahar Dry Goods has been inspiring me for a long time. Something about their philosophy of beautiful play things for children really makes me wish they weren't an online store and that I could go and play in their showroom. Vintage with a flair for bringing back the old with a splash of new. I can't get enough of them! (Well, haven't bought anything yet, but not because I lack interest!)

Hop on over and get inspired.

Squirrel pull toy? Genious.
Recognize this? Inspiration for my Summer Tea Party.

Love these colors! Is it possible for a Robot to be pretty?
All the sudden "circus clown" isn't scary any more.And these boxes. I can't get enough of orange and blue!
Shadow puppets? Thank you!!!

So, reasons to visit:
1) Mahar Dry Goods regularly hires artisans to make exclusive products and toys for his shop, so you aren't going to find a lot of duplicates in his store.
2) Robert, the owner, is really nice (and evidently has a really cool wardrobe).
3) You will find lots of pretty things and wish your tax return has come already.
4) Robert also has another site...Junior Society...revealing the cool and unique world of children's culture and design.
5) His site is designed by the one and only Jen Corace.
6) You will wish you were a kid again.

Enjoy your weekend!