Brought to you by the letter B

How do you get:

French+subtle+classic+vintage colors+modern+timeless+innocent ? Feminine?

So many of you have said...I want more BOY prints! Where are they? Oh, I agree! Where are they? I have been struggling to get some good "boy" prints out, and I have asked myself WHY??!! I have the most darling boy who inspires me every day! For some reason, it is just a lot harder for me to come up with something that I actually like. The characters in my art are very "gentle" which isn't often portrayed these days. But I have to be careful that "gentle" doesn't turn into "feminine." You know what I mean?

For instance:
as a child, I could never tell if Christopher Robin was a girl or a boy. Thus my challenge.

But I think I may have hit a breakthrough on this one. I might actually be able to really get some "boy" prints out there! I like the orange and blue, the European vintage feel....but it definitely isn't "girly."

Gentle, yes. Girly, no. Horray!!

I won't post this until I have the other two to go with it: Avion (french for Airplane) and Chien (dog) or something like that. Haven't finished those yet...which means they are always subject to change.

In the mean time, little French boy is waiting to hang on someone's wall very soon.