My Weekend Gourmet.

We call him the 'Weekend Gourmet'.

His stats: tall, dark and handsome.
His title: teacher, father, and chef extraordinare.
His therapy: cooking.

We are going to Hawaii in a couple months, and I have been desperately trying to get rid of those unwanted pounds I put on over the winter. But I have no hope. None. I have an amazing excuse to eat food. The reason? My husband. He loves too cook like I love to draw. It is in his blood. His therapy after a really stressful day is cooking up some new inventive recipe. My therapy after a really hard and stressful day is eating his really amazing new and inventive recipe. We make an incredibly good pair.

No, I have no reason to blame him. It is really my laziness about getting to the gym. But really...can you blame me when this was our weekend?

This is every weekend. And this is just "easy food." The kind of food he can make quick without thinking. You should see him on holidays. Or during the summer. You should see his library of books he POURS over...every culinary institute's manual, every ethnic cookbook, you name it he has read it. And I love it.

My kids love it too. Our weekends are spent making sure the kids aren't falling off the counters while they are covered in flour. They LOVE to cook with dad. I think they always will. And I think that I will always be his best food tester that is!