Happy Site Friday.

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Today I bring you spring colors, fresh inspiration and clean space all from a magazine that I can't order cause I live in America. I have TRIED to order Ariadne at Home, but lo, I cannot. But if I lived in the Netherlands....

Thankfully they have a website, where you can find little snippets of the latest issue. And oh am I glad. Fresh. Simple. deliberate. Colorful. Just what I need for a splash of inspiration on a very brown day.

Pink. Sea spray blue. White. White. More white. Yellow. Grey. and even purple. (I am not yet a purple fan...but if I lived in snow laden Holland, I just might be).

I have never lived in the Netherlands, but I have visited Amsterdam (close enough?) and I have also been in the Swiss alps in the summer where I learned that Winter people REALLY know how to bust out color in the spring and summer. And Ariadne at Home takes that Scandinavian Country flair for fresh and colorful and created a lovely place.

Oh, and did I mention it gets better? They have a kids magazine as well??? (I drooling right now!)

So, if you live in the Netherlands, or have access to this magazine, do you want to be my friend now, and mail the monthly issues? That would just make my day.