My kids come FIRST...

...first class that is!

Running a business while running after children is always an exciting adventure! The other evening I was tending to Ian, and Kenneth was in the kitchen. Addie came up to me wanting to play with Ian, and this is what I found. "DO NOT BEND" right in the corner of her mouth. I instantly searched all over her body for any more tatoos, but didn't find any! Going into my office though, I found a few bubbled mailers completely covered in "DO NOT BEND" stamps. "I was doing my work, Mama." She is such a little mommy.

The irony in this is that Addie doesn't really bend! Two days ago, she claimed that she had a papercut on her finger. (I still don't know if she really cut herself, or if it is pretend). I put a bandaide on her finger and that was that. Well, after a hand washing, the bandaide began to peel. She needed another bandaide to keep it "stuck." After a bath, both started peeling, so she needed another. (For whatever reason, that evening wasn't one to fight her on this). Well...I am really not kidding when I say this...we haven't added any more bandaides since, but going on TWO DAYS now, she has had her left hand clinched in a fist to keep them from coming off!!! Last night I woke up at 2 am and went into her room to make sure her hand was relaxed. (I was too tired to think of taking it off while she slept!) We have tried all the little games to get her to open her hand, but to no avail. We even went out to play in the snow yesterday, and she wouldn't wear a glove because her hand was in a fist. She has ALWAYS been my stubborn and determined one. Addie was my colicky baby...the one that could only sleep in my arms while bouncing and when her head was in a certain position in the crook of my elbow. Oh, some days I wish I had the mental energy to have blogged then!

On Ian's side of the table, we had a big first yesterday!!! Ian went to the potty...kind of. He kept getting out of the bath tub, telling me he had to go potty. Well, after the 4th time of my slippery seal covered in bubble bath sitting on the porta-potty, he went....but because he is a boy, I realized maybe sitting on the potty isn't the best choice! He ended up spraying all over the floor and all over me! Oh we had a good laugh...and a good celebration. It may have been messy,but Firsts are Firsts!!

Speaking of firsts, Horray for all of you who took part in my first "BUY TWO GET ONE FREE" deal! So fun! I will be sure to do more of those! But I am going to stock the SHOP with some more goodies first!

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