Three's a charm!

Well, we did it! Addie had her FIRST birthday party, and it was a hit. Thanks to all of you who commented. We had such a great time, but I really can't take credit for the activities we did. They were all borrowed ideas from you! So, Thanks!!

We had all the girls come in their best princess dress. They all arrived promptly with wands ready, and we started by pinning the Kiss on the Frog. My friend Kristi gave me this idea, and it was a hit!

I had to run and ask my neighbor for a boy costume for Ian. He got a little too excited with all the girls in dresses, and is at the stage where he wants to do everything big sister does! So, instead of him joining the princess squad, he got to be a wizard...thank heaven! (These are the things you learn your first time around with b-day parties! Little brother needs a part too!)

We also decorated crowns that I cut out of poster board. I had a bunch of markers, stickers and stick on jewels, and the girls went to town! These crowns rivaled any royal crown, that's for sure!

We had a little princess parade...thanks Sarah (if you can call it that. Our space is so small, we ended up making it a little more like ring-around-the-rosy:)

I took pictures of each of the girls in their crowns, and then went into my office and printed them off and put them into pink paper frames I made. They turned out so cute! Another borrowed Idea! Thanks to Kelly for that great idea!

We finished with Presents and of course, Princess cake and cupcakes. Be impressed: My husband did it frosting and everything. He is an AMAZING baker, and will someday open his own restaraunt. So it is no surprise to anyone that knows him. I think this is his first pink frosting experience:)

Well, it was a lot of fun. Tim and Rebecca came and Robyn...thanks so much! My Grandpa came afterwards which meant so much to me...He played with Ian and had more fun with Addie's new toys than they did!

The rest of the day...and still going, we have been playing with new toys ever since!

Happy Birthday Addie, my little princess!

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