Happy as a bowl of vegtables.

Ok. So, maybe that really isn't a phrase to coin...but I sure do feel as happy as THESE vegtables. WHY???

Because I have a WORK SPACE!!!

I FINALLY have a designated work space, and I just had to share.

In the past 4 months my work space has gone from the dining room table to my bedroom, and now back to our "office". We have a 3 bedroom condo, and the third bedroom has always been our space to work. Well, Ian moved into the office after a year in our bedroom. (Addie is NOT very good at sharing a room...combo light sleeper and LOUD going to sleep-er). So, I had my office in our bedroom for the first 2 months in business, and wheh! What a challenge. We finally got a portacrib in the office. We put Ian to bed in our room, and then when I am done working at night, we move him into the office. He is pretty easy going. So far, he hasn't seemed to notice that he wakes up in a different place than he fell asleep in!

So, I don't know if that made any sense...but in a nutshell...I have my office back. I spent all Saturday getting it ready, and it works great!

I found a GREAT link from a post I read in Jaime's blog (a FAB blog about motherhood meets business entrepreneur). ON MY DESK peek's into people's work space! I love getting space ideas, as well as getting a sense of where and how people do their "work". Very cool.

Speaking of cool, these happy vegtables are also making my kids happy. I traded a print for these awesome wool and felt bean bag veggies. (I LOVE ETSY!) Addie and Ian have been cooking (and sleeping) with them since we got them. They are so well made, and with those happy faces, who wouldn't want to eat their vegtables?

Well, off to work! It is much easier to think straight with everything in its place!